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    Mr. Satbir singh (Principal)

    The true congregation of the true Guru is the school for the soul, where the glorious virtues of the Lord are studied.
    Guru Raam Dass, Raag Kaanraa, 1316 My heartiest greetings to all!

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    S. Kulwant Singh Baath (Vice President, DSGMC)

    It has been a great pleasure to watch and appreciate and the achievements of GHPS Loni Road, the school that has taken great strides in all spheres of its development. It has aimed to provide the best possible environment and facilities to the students...

  • General Secretary-DSGMC Cum Vice Chairman
    MANJINDER SINGH SIRSA (President, DSGMC), (Chairman - GHPS Society New Delhi)

    It gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction to see G.H.P.S. Loni Road flourishing and progressing day by day. The Zeal and Enthusiasm shown by its students in the quest for the excellence which has also been exhibited in the Excellent Board...

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  • RAKSHIT Class - II-F
  • YASH Class - VII-F
  • PRINCE Class - XI-E
  • DIVYANSHI Class - P-Nur-C
  • NAKSH Class - P-Nur-A
  • RAKSHIT Class - III-F
  • YASH Class - VIII-F
  • PRINCE Class - XII-E
  • DIVYANSHI Class - Nur-C
  • NAKSH Class - Nur-D
  • RAKSHIT Class - IV-F
  • YASH Class - IX-F
  • DIVYANSHI Class - I-C
  • NAKSH Class - I-D
  • ARYAVEER Class - Nur-E
  • RAKSHIT Class - V-F
  • YASH Class - X-F
  • DIVYANSHI Class - II-C
  • NAKSH Class - II-D
  • ARYAVEER Class - I-E
  • VYOM Class - P-Nur-D

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